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Johanny bert  

Hybrid artist (director, actor, visual artist, puppeteer) his creations are born from an encounter with an author and his writing, an interpreter and above all the desire to tackle a subject, a problem that allows us to better understand our company.

All the projects are linked together by an intimate necessity and it is as a team that he constructs a new device for each creation.

He enjoys working with performers from different disciplines (actors, dancers, singers, musicians, etc.) and creates a unique universe, a playful, plural theatrical language in which he mixes performers with materials, plastic spaces.

Some dramaturgies guide him towards a dialogue between the human and the inanimate, such as the arts of puppetry. 

He never wanted to be restricted to one category: theater for young audiences / visual theater / text theater / puppet theater… and created by intuition with a form of insolent freedom guided by a subject.

Johanny Bert likes to alternate personal creation projects with his company and projects for other teams as a performer or director.

Journey through several creations
(photographs Jean-Louis Fernandez / Christophe Raynaud Delage)

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