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a place of one's own

First video art project by Johanny Bert born from a carte blanche proposed by La Comédie, scene nationale de  Clermont-Ferrand in 2017.


The Clermont-Ferrand national stage team, then led by Jean-marc Grangier, suggested to Johanny Bert that he imagine a way of bringing the public into the work of the future national stage.

This new place of creation and dissemination was built from the old bus station by the architect Eduardo Souto de Moura and opened in September 2020.

Johanny Bert and the videographer David Chambriard invent on the spot, without a precise scenario and according to the constraints of the site of the short moments.

Johanny Bert then writes the film during the editing and creates the sound with François Leymarie. 
The 10 films were made on the site, from the first digs of the excavators in 2017 to the final completion of the building.

The short films were visible as they were produced, month after month, in the first part of the programming of the films of the Cinema "Les Ambiances", Cinema Arts et Essay in Clermont-Ferrand and gave  place  to an available dvd.

Here are some short films from the series.

The sound is entirely created after filming in binaural version.

Please watch them with your headphones 

Film making, staging and manipulation  Johanny bert

Pictures, montage  David Chambriard - Atalante productions

puppet creation  Chistophe Kiss

Sound creation  Francois Leymarie

Artists invited during the series  Anaïs Mak,  Rosalba Torres Guerrero & Koen Augustijnen, the Lifting group and Yan Raballand.

Accessory technician  Thaïs Morel


The Comedy of  Clermont-Ferrand,  national scene,  Direction Jean-Marc  Grangier / Atalante Productions

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